Monday, April 12, 2010

Sucker for Cute

These Calico Critters are a mild obsession of every girl under the age of 8. We have been waiting with baited breathe for the Hedgehog Family at Yolk for months and today it arrived! Whoever writes the bios for these things must be on heavy painkillers because the descriptions are the best..."Mother Heloise is the lead singer of the family band "Sonic Six" and she comes up with all the songs and lyrics that they perform at local fairs. Heloise also enjoys cooking with ingredients from the forest and is famous for her mushroom pie." Yes she is.

Of course, this got me thinking about real hedgehogs and, quite frankly, these miniature velvety ones don't hold a candle to the real miniature velvety, sometimes prickly, ones. I was reading up on my Hedgehog knowledge and got a bit bummed out when I found out they were lactose intolerant because in Sweden they would always waddle around my grandma's yard and we would put out little dishes of milk for them. This probably means they all left my grandmother's house and got explosive diarrhea in the woods. Sigh.

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