Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All Good In The Hood

So somebody here was written up in LA Times (golf claps). I do miss seeing my name in print, which when I worked in magazine happened a bunch.

On a totally different Yolk note, we are having waaaay too much doing silly window displays (the top of this blog shows our easter garland) and the newest display de hilarity is a bunch of random pinatas with the phrase "hit me with you best shot" emblazoned across the middle (cue Pat Benatar guitar riff). I took some pics, albeit bad ones, but it has really struck a chord with the Latin contingency in the area. Since the window was done by two white chicks (me and window whiz Cathy Callahan) we didn't realize the cultural significance of Chavo del Ocho so we left him out (it was a weird looking kid in a barrel). Apparently, our friend Chavo was a "legendary Mexican sitcom about an orphan boy and his quirky neighbourhood." A kid in a barrel doesn't sound too joyful to me but my husband (Mexican) and my Fed Ex guy (also Latin) went crazy when they saw this pinata and said the show was hilarious in the 70's. I gave paper Chavo to said Fed Ex guy and he rode around with him in his truck all day. Who doesn't love a happy ending?

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  1. glad you figured that one out!