Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Is More

For many years I worked in teen magazines and our motto was always "more is more" when it came to laying out a page or coming up with a good story idea. I'd write stories like "87 ways to ditch your zits!" and "352 Things to do this summer!" or "58 Ways To Know If A Guy Is Crushing On You!" (note: ample use of exclamation marks is key to driving home a point!!!!!!) See, nobody wants TWO options when you can have EIGHTY SEVEN right?

I now realize that this thinking is probably what has made me the scatterbrained, where-are-my-carkeys type of person that I am today. It has also made me fairly adept at cramming a store full of color and fun. Lots of times I'll go into other retail stores and think, "Good Lord, there's nothing in here!" Perhaps they are smarter than me when it comes to things like, uh, budgeting but they don't get to drool over things like this fab poster by Happy Farmers or place a huge order of fabulous bags from Brit chick Mimi Berry.

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