Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am a colombophile

I started to write a post about pigeons because there is a great french word that is colombophile (it means "pigeon fancier") but sadly, apart from loving the word, I am not really a fancier of pigeons at all. I am, however, a huge fancier of stripes and after I found a print by Wayne Pate of a seagull in a stripey sweater I felt that pigeon-ish enough. After that my mind bounced over to the new Orla Kiely line Olive and Orange and the amazing Breton Dress that we have in Yolk. AFTER THAT, I thought about how these blue and white stripes are little french inspired so it made this whole thought process make complete me.


  1. I know a man from Northwich, England who once trod on a pigeon by mistake and killed it. Quel domage!