Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some Things Aren't So Great

Usually I'm fairly cheery--I save my pouty outbursts for the privacy of my home so only my husband is really privy to what a miserable git I can be. During the day I am a lover fast cracks, trivia tidbits, neighborhood gossip and general silliness. Yolk can sometimes feel the epicenter of a very small part of the LA universe and for that I am thankful.

And then, someone thinks it's a good idea to shoplift. What the #%$^#&#* people? After a Saturday night full of fun friends, way too much food and endless chortling (a step above giggling) I come to find that some lay-moh thought it a good idea to take a pricey dress from my store and whisk it out the door. I usually don't hold grudges but I hope said person gets hit by a bus and then eaten by squirrels.

Thankfully looking at Italian Vogue always make me feel better. If I had the guts I would dye my hair this bubblegum shade parce que c'est tres jolie!

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