Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Merci very much all you crafty buggers

Gah! I have stopped being one of those people who looks at things and says "gurgh, I could make that!" because the reality is, I can't AND even if I could, I wouldn't. While others are busy crafting, I am busy watching "16 And Pregnant" on MTV. Before I opened Yolk, I had convinced myself that I was a "maker of things" and had signed up for a Lighting Design class at Art Center in Pasadena. I designed this very elaborate kids light which was a big bubble with crazy tenticles that sprouted out and lit up. I was so psyched by my own genius but by the time it came to "making" it was basically my husband doing all the labor (with me looking on with a critical eye). We got a B in the class and I have relegated myself to the status of someone who "appreciates" things that OTHERS make.

These lights at the Merci store in Paris took my breath away, I want them hanging like beautiful big balloons in my backyard.

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